Why Are Flower Bouquets So Expensive?

On various occasions, a beautiful bouquet is always an option for a loved one’s gift. These days, fresh floral arrangements are a trendy gift to be used as a gift on various occasions. These beautiful arrangements are often used as gifts to color various special moments such as birthday celebrations, valentine’s celebrations, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts, expressing deep feelings for your partner, expressing sympathy for someone, and many more. Unlike other gifts, they are very general, so that they can be used as a medium for expressing various words even though the recipient is grieving. To find out more, here are some reasons why they are such expensive items to make as gifts.

When we give a flower bouquet to someone, there must be something we want to convey to him. Not only is it a sign that we are thinking of that person, but certain types of them also have a special meaning. In the Victorian era, giving beautiful blossoms was very popular. Many books have been made on the theme of the language of flowers. This happens because people are not allowed to express their feelings directly, especially to their lovers. So many people use them to make a bouquet according to the message they want to convey. This language is called floriography and is still used today.

But often people don’t choose a bouquet as a gift because the cost is quite expensive. They are sold in the range of $ 20 per stem. Then, why is it so expensive? and what makes them expensive? It has its value for the connoisseur. Fresh flower arrangements have a high value when compared to artificial ones. This is all because fresh ones have a limited life cycle or freshness cycle. The flower is charming at all stages of its life, whether at the beginning of the bloom or when it withers. Here’s where the value lies.

The use of floral materials, fillers, and leaves that are quite varied can make the cost of a bouquet very high. In a series using more than one kind of flower, it could be that each type consists of more than one color. Plus the variants of the leaves and fillers. The uncertain interest condition is also a factor in its high price. Usually, the florist will buy cut flowers of various types and colors in large quantities. However, this does not guarantee that all flowers can meet the qualifications to be designed into a bouquet. So it is not uncommon for there to be lots of flowers that have poor quality in a bunch of cut flowers.

Conditions or weather also affect the quality of them to be harvested. Moreover, the harvest season for several types of flowers makes the cost of these blossoms very valuable. On religious holidays such as Christmas, Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, interest prices will usually soar due to the high demand. Do not forget the days of love such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year, and Chinese New Year’s Day, allowing prices to rise rapidly due to increased demand. Therefore, if your relative has a birthday right at the celebration of these big days, then you should order it well in advance. Or you can order it via e-commerce and use the birthday gift delivery Singapore services.

Season and method of cultivation can also cost a beautiful blossom stalk. Like peonies, they are known to mean prosperity and honor. They have a high price because they can only be found in April and July. They vary in color from dark to neutral colors. These flowers have petals that can grow up to 15 cm. Next is Juliet Rose, who was found by a farmer from Europe named David Austin. They have a price tag of up to $ 5.6 million Singapore per stalk. The price is high because it takes 15 years to be able to grow it.

The Hydrangea ball with variations of light blue to pink, this pom poms floral can make any bouquet look so beautiful. It looks very beautiful when combined with other types. If you receive them, don’t ever throw them away when they start to dry because it is rumored that these pom poms will look much more beautiful than before. Their beauty is capable of making them valued at up to $ 12 Singapore per stem. The next most expensive one in the world is the Shenzhen Nongke orchid. It took researchers up to 8 years to grow this orchid. Besides, the high price is due to its rarity, cultivation, and background. Even though this floral is an artificial variety. This orchid takes 4 to 5 years to bloom, so it is valued at $ 330000 Singapore.

Don’t forget to appreciate flower arranging services. As a professional florist, you must have creative abilities, knowledge, and extensive experience in making a suitable flower arrangement design. You must also understand the types of them, colors, names, and properties and have a certification of expertise issued by an accredited professional association. By mastering all of that, you, as a professional florist, will create unique, original, authentic, and quality work. Therefore, this florist’s handiwork is very expensive.

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