6 Creative Ways to Repurpose Empty Candle Jars

A good candle sale is one of greatest weaknesses. I love burning wax and you will too. Although it seems wrong to throw it out, hoarding empty jars is a waste. It doesn’t matter if you have a purpose for it.

First, clean the candle. To clean glass candle jars, you need to freeze them for at most a few hours. You can easily scoop out the wax scraps by freezing them for at least a few hours. Next, use a butter knife to crack the wax and then give it a good rinse.

1 Place some flowers in a vase

You can make a vase out of a larger candle jar. Fill it with water, and then cut the flowers to fit the jar. If you don’t like the candle label ruining your floral aesthetic, you can always take it off. You can use hot soapy water or Goo Gone), to remove any lingering residue.

2 Organize your vanity

Aussie Candle Supplies beautifully designed glass candle jars that are so simple and elegant. They will look great with your beauty products. You can use larger candle jars for makeup brushes and smaller ones for cotton pads, bobby pins, and Q-tips.

3 Use it as a planter

Candle jars can be used to house small succulents or spring bulbs. To allow drainage, place a layer of small stones at the bottom. Then, add your soil and plant your seed. Your window sill will be enriched with greenery by the addition of tiny plant pots.

4 Drop a tea light in it

You are looking for romantic lighting? To give your tea light candles a stylish look, you can place them in an empty candle jar. Hot tip: To create a color-filled atmosphere, paint your clear glass candle glass. Any setting will feel instantly cozier with the sparkling glow of filtered candlelight.

5 Set up a desk caddy

You can make your area look great with empty candle jars that you use as office desk accessories. Larger containers are better for taller items such as pencils, pens, and scissors. Smaller containers can be used to store erasers or paper clips.

6 Make a new candle

An old candle can be used for something better. You can make your candle. Most craft shops sell wicks or soy-based wax to melt the wax, heat it in a microwave-safe bowl. Once the wax has melted, glue it to the bottom of the container. Then, use your other hand to slowly pour the wax into your jar. You can then place the candle in the fridge for 10 minutes to harden the wax. A whole new candle will be yours for a fraction of the price it would normally cost in a specialty shop.

Thomas Salazar
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