How You Can Ship Your Car Easily at Affordable Cost

Although USA is one country, the rules may vary drastically from one state to another. Therefore, shipping a car to another state may not be as easy to coordinate, and hence many people are often reluctant to buy vehicles from any different states.

Therefore, while moving to any other state, it will always be much better to ship your car rather than driving it as the road rules and many other things may drastically vary. The best way to ship your car will be to hire a service from a well-known and experienced shipping company like Ship a Car, Inc. who has a good reputation for providing a better service.

Following are few things that you must be well aware of while you are shipping your car to a different state to avoid any hassles.

1.    Know the various car shipping options

There are 2 different options that are offered by most car shipping companies that are:

  • Door-to-door shipping – Here your car will be picked from your address location and will also be delivered to your destination address.
  • Terminal to terminal shipping – Here you have to deliver the car at their designated terminal and again you have to collect it from their terminal at the destination location.

You may have to pay a little extra charge if you choose the door-to-door shipping option.

2.    Select a right carrier

You can ship your car in 2 different types of carriers as follows:

  • Open carrier – In the case of an open carrier, your vehicle will be loaded on the carrier and it will remain open to outside weather. The shipping cost with this option will be lower.
  • Enclosed carrier – In this option, your vehicle will remain covered and protected from rain or snow. This option will be expensive.

3.    Know the state licensing requirements

Trucks carrying new cars – Stock Editorial Photo © J2R #109571588

State licensing requirements can greatly vary from state to state for example:

  • New Jersey – You must apply within 60 days to and register it
  • Texas – The time limit is 30 days
  • California – It is 20 days for registration, 10 days for obtaining a driver’s license.
  • Michigan – You must apply for new registration and license immediately.

4.    Know the car insurance requirements

The requirements for insurance also vary from one state to another state. In certain states, the minimum property damage can be $5,000 while in some other states it can be up to $25,000. Bodily injury can also vary from $10,000 in Louisiana while $50,000 in Maine.

5.    State registration information

For new residents to every different state, the motor vehicle departments may have different rules for registration. It is, therefore, necessary to visit the respective website of different states and know about it before you enter into the state.

6.    Find the right car shipping company

It is, therefore, necessary that you choose a car shipping company who is well experienced and also well-versed with the rules of different states so that you do not face any problem while driving your car to your new location.

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