Condos: Is It A Good Option?

A condominium or a condo is a living space where a different individual owns each unit. Buying condos is considered a strategic move in the real estate business. The condos, unlike an apartment, are owned by different landlords, but they share common features like a gym, swimming pool, community hall, etc.; when it comes to sprawling your social life, condos prove to be the best choice. The lavish amenities, fully furnished interiors, and extra facilities make the charan condo (คอนโด รั , which is the term in Thai) a popular choice these days.

When it comes to condos, you can directly contact the owner of the condos to discuss the details of purchasing or renting. While this personal touch is missing in the case of apartments. To dive into details for better understanding, let us take an example. If you go to purchase a condo, there will be different units for sale, each owned by a different person. There might be a possibility that one owner may offer you certain amenities that other owners might not be willing to offer. It depends upon them. Likewise, the rent of similar units may vary. 

Here are a few things to consider while buying a charan condo:

  • Consider The Amenities Offered

Discuss the amenities that the charan condo offers. For making a sagacious and informed decision, consider the factors like

  • Environmental Standards
  • Procedures For Maintenance Of The Common Property
  • The Facilities That You’ll Get
  • General Administration
  • About The Neighbours And Civic Groups
  • Management And Provision Of Common Services Like Water, Electricity, Etc.
  • Rent
  • Hire a Realtor 

Maybe you’ve decided to buy a condo but are unaware of the intricacies to look for in a condo. It is better to consult a realtor who has experience in dealing with condos. HE will guide you about the features, finances, future investment prospects in condos. 

  • Pre Clarify About The Finances

Condos have common areas like lawns, swimming pools, etc., which are to be taken care of and need high maintenance. Although all the members of condos bear these expenses, it is better to clarify the monthly or quarterly expenses per family. 

  • Beware Of The Rules And Regulations

Condos might establish their community guidelines and regulations to avoid conflicts among the members. Don’t be reluctant to inquire about the community rules and guidelines like no noise policy etc., and see if you can adjust accordingly.

Thomas Salazar
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