5 Must-Try Sitting Asanas and Their Benefits

Yoga is the different types of sitting asanas that help humans get holistic health. Some are the sitting and standing postures, and the rest are the lying asanas. Each Yoga pose helps humans achieve a blessed body, peaceful mind, and soul. Yoga poses of standing, sitting and lying all have the unique benefits for building great human health with inner strength and improved flexibility. It falls under the category of traditional classic Yoga that has spread to many forms and styles of Yoga. Let us explore the 5 best sitting asanas with their benefits.

1- Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose is known as the Padmasana. It is the practice of cross-legged sitting asanas or posture. It is an extremely powerful asana, especially for womens. It is suggested to avoid the practice of lotus pose when you have knee or ankle injuries.

Benefits of Lotus pose

  • It is the best sitting asanas to relax the mind and calm your brain
  • It is the best practice to reduce the muscular tensions and makes your blood pressure under control
  • These asanas offer a good stretch on the knees and the ankles

2- Easy pose

Easy pose is known as the Sukhasana. It is a great and simple pose for beginners. However, if you have any hip or knee injuries, you should avoid the practice of Sukhasana.

Benefits of Easy pose

  • The easy pose makes your back stronger and strengthens the muscles
  • It is the best type of asana to relax the mind and body
  • If you want to feel calm and at peace, these asanas are the best practice.

3- Diamond pose

The diamond pose is known as the Vajrasana. The practice of the Diamond pose is very effective in improving acidity and digestion and burning the extra belly fat, hips, thighs, and waist.

Benefits of diamond pose

  • These sitting asanas give more strength to the thigh muscles and pelvic muscles.
  • It relaxes the nerves of the mind and gives you peace
  • It also effectively works to improve the blood circulation in the body


4- Half spinal twist pose

There is the requirement to do the half spinal twist pose to make the body flexible. It is the form of the basic 12 asanas. It is suggested to avoid this sitting asana by pregnant womens.

Benefits of Half spinal twist pose

  • It is good practice to increase flexibility.
  • It is the best asana to open the chest to increase the oxygen supply in the lungs.

5- Butterfly pose

Butterfly pose is the best yoga practice for pregnant women. It is because it makes it easy and smooth to deliver a child. However, you should avoid the butterfly pose if you are suffering from knee injuries.

Benefits of the Butterfly pose

  • This kind of sitting asanas improves blood circulation over the body.
  • It enhances the functioning of the ovaries in the reproductive system.



This article brings you the information about the 5 sitting asanas that are beneficial for our body. I hope you understand every type of sitting asanas.

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