4 Of The Best Landscaping Rocks You Can Use To Amp Up Your House!

People who have been into home designing in Gun Barrel City will know that not everything grown is beautiful – sometimes you need a decoration as simple as a rock to polish your home. And that is what landscaping rocks do precisely. 

Rocks are the top picks to build a home retaining wall in Gun Barrel City, TX, but as you go deeper into the details, you will find a range of rock types. The following paragraphs will discuss the best landscaping rocks you can use in your home!

Lava Rock

Many homeowners in Gun Barrel City go for lava rock to replace the mulch in their flower beds. These are perfect long-term investments with a rough, red rock look but usually are priced at higher rates when compared to pea gravel.

The best part is that lava rocks retain all the moisture, keeping the weeds and other pests far away and having a long-life span. You will also find these rocks absorbing the heat during the day and releasing it afterward at night – a boon for hotter places in the country like Gun Barrel City. 

River Rock

While the Gun Barrel City has altered into a central hub since its origin in 1969, some things are still the same! The access point for the waters of Cedar Creek Lake remains beautiful and attracts tourists. Along with the river, you will find various river rocks adding to the place’s charm. 

The river rocks are also relatively more polished rocks with a bigger size than the average rock in Gun Barrel City. They are great fits around the shrubs in your garden if you like them. 

You can even use the rocks to stack them together and edge them around a bed. Another great idea is to use River rocks to construct and design a retaining wall in Gun Barrel City, TX.

Crushed Marble

Crushed Marble is a standard option used to protect the plant roots. It is also known as Calcium Carbonate. 

You will personally feel that crushed Marble is somewhat similar to river rocks in smaller sizes – barring the fact that the crushed Marble heats way more than other organic mulch. 

In such a case, you should use crushed Marble for plants that can manage hot temperatures near them. These chips also have a high pH balance and can even leach into the soil, causing it to be more alkaline. 

Mexican Beach Pebble

A Mexican Beach Pebble has a smooth surface and usually doesn’t require much maintenance. These are round in shape and can be found in various colors such as dark grey, deep red, or the good old black. 

The Mexican Beach Pebble is built of basalt, a multi-toned rock formed after volcanic eruptions and harvested manually in Mexico. You can use them with many planters, and they particularly fit well with xerophytes like cactus. 

The main catch is that they are not cheap, so it is best to be prepared for the high prices in Gun Barrel City. The leading cause of the expense is the process of rock polish done via a tumbling action that can take weeks to complete.

Wrapping Up

There is a world of incredible options in Gun Barrel City regarding landscape design. And decorative rocks are one of the best ways to accent your home’s outdoor space. These rocks will usually not cost a lot and give you a rustic look you desire with low maintenance. It is genuinely a win-win!