The 5 Best Cardio Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Cardio is a type of aerobic exercise, typically characterised as any exercise that increases your heart rate and keeps it up for a long time. They are highly beneficial to your health, regardless of your age. Just upto 30 minutes of regular cardio exercise is enough to stimulate your muscles into improving their functions. The best part about cardio exercise is that absolutely no equipment is required! You don’t have to spend any money on equipment and still get all the same benefits compared to a regular workout routine. Convenient, fun to do and very good for your body, here are the five best cardio exercises you can do at home:

  1. Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks are among the best types of cardio exercise as they engage all your body muscles as much as possible. They involve jumping to a position with the distance between your legs while your hands go above your head. These are a prevalent cardio exercise because it’s effortless to do, even for beginners. You should do at least two sets of jumping jacks a day for 5 minutes each.
  1. Squat Jumps: Squat jumps are very powerful and require a lot of core strength. They are also ideal for providing you with that core strength, so you can begin with regular squats if you’re just starting. Work your way towards squat jumps by doing light jumps at first. You have to make sure you hold the squat for a few seconds before jumping with your arms straight up and repeating.
  1. Dancing: There is nothing quite as fun as dancing, and you should always engage in a few minutes of regular dancing to work out your muscles. Dancing strains all your muscles and loosens your body up at the same time, helping you increase your flexibility and stability. Don’t shy away from dancing; the health benefits are too good to be avoided. Dance like no one’s watching!
  2. Burpees: These can be a problematic cardio exercise to perform to make changes to the speed as per your capacities. Burpees are a combination of pushups, planks, squats and jump, so a few cardio exercises are pretty as helpful. Do reps of 15 burpees twice a day for increased stamina and endurance.
  1. Spot Jogging: As the name suggests, spot jogging means jogging on the spot. This is an excellent alternative for times like this when you can’t go out for regular runs. Spot jogging is just as effective as it helps you burn calories, reduce belly, thigh fat and build stamina. Practice this at home regularly.

Along with these, there are countless cardio exercises that you can do at home. Learn more about cardio exercise and how to work out your entire body with it – upper, core and lower from Cult.Live’s cardio exercise pack. This pack features 63 classes guided by trained professionals who will instruct you on various cardio exercises. This pack is too good to be missed out on, so get started!


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