Portable Tubeless Air Conditioner, Evaporative Air Conditioning


When you buy your portable air conditioner, you will discover that there are similar devices, but they do not have the tube taken out through the window. This is the so-called evaporative air conditioning. These air conditioning devices are cheaper, but their operation is very different.

Evaporative air conditioning bases its operation on adiabatic evaporation in which there is no heat exchange with the environment. These devices have a fan and some element that allows the water to evaporate when placed in front of the airflow. In this way, what they generate is a jet of air that is cooler and more humid than the environment. You can consult the air duct services on this.

These systems work until maximum humidity is reached. From that moment on, the air conditioner will no longer produce fresh air, which will force us to open windows to renew the air. Therefore these devices will work well on dry days but not on those muggy and humid days.

Types Of Portable Air Conditioner

Single tube system: This system is the simplest, although its operation is quite efficient and it is the most widely used. The air conditioner collects the warm air from the room through a grille system. The equipment cools the air and expels it back into the room through the primary air outlet. The residual hot air is channeled through a tube to be placed in a window to the outside.

Double tube system: This system is more complex than the previous one but manages to reach the comfort temperature sooner. This type of portable air conditioner has a tube for the evacuation of air and another for condensation air intake. The air is cooled more quickly since no air is expelled from the interior of the room. These 2-pipe machines are much more powerful and efficient than the mono-pipes and can cooling rooms of more than 30 m².

Portable Air Conditioner Brands

We all know the best wall air conditioning brands or at least the best-selling and commercial ones. These manufacturers do not usually have laptops, and if they have any in their catalog, it is a testimonial.

There are brands on the market that have been manufacturing this type of device for years and dedicate their efforts to improve this product specifically.

In Conclusion, Is It Worth Buying A Portable Air Conditioner?

Well, like everything, it depends. If your situation does not allow you to install a wall air conditioner, these devices fulfill their function, which is to cool the room. You have to assess both the advantages and, above all, the disadvantages.

I believe that they are suitable devices for those people who need mobility, who cannot do the work that requires a wall of air, and who do not use it too much, that is, for specific moments such as heatwaves. If you are going to use it every day throughout the summer, it is better to consider a wall split or a consult highly trained technicians.

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