Essentials to See for Choosing Reception Menu

Learn Common And Smart Styles On How To Serve Reception Menu.

The entire wedding event depends on special food menu. This is a normal perception and people believe it. No matter how much you spend on venue and catering, the menu should be memorable for your guests. has Deliveroo coupon code for couples organizing their wedding event online. Nowadays, it is hard to get permission for a mass gathering at wedding clubs or venues. It is due to the covid-19 and quarantine restrictions. However, local government may allow you to have a wedding ceremony in an open space where practicing social distancing is easy.

Locate the Spacious Venues:

Unlike traditional wedding events, you are finding a place where social distancing is not an issue for guests. You may need to a wide space out of the city. There must be several locations around the city where couples can plan their wedding event. For example, there are vast deserts in UAE with no population around. Choose a location and arrange sitting plan according to social distancing measures.

Plated Sit-Down Dinner:

According to Arab culture, sit-down dinner or lunch would be a smart idea. It would be hard to bring chairs and sofas to a remote location. It may cost you surprisingly higher. Therefore, it is wise to choose sit-down lunch or dinner plan. Spread a long cloth (at least 5 ft wide) in rows for a group of four persons. Make sure that every person will sit at least 6 ft apart.

Family Style Dinner:

As most of the families ensure negative covid-19 results, it would be great to sit them together. Use the sit down dining style and serve the menu there. It would be great to place the foods and drinks before the guests arrive. Redeem deliveroo coupon code to make sure that foods and drinks will arrive on time. Do you want to serve hot foods? Depending on the menu, couples may wish to place the menu after finalizing wedding rituals. In this case, hire specialized staff with proper facemasks and sanitizing. They will move from one family to another while serving the foods.

Buffet- Style Serving:

This could be dangerous. We know that it was famous before the lockdowns but it is no longer a preferred practice. It promotes the contact of guests during the food serving. However, you can still choose this serving method if there are only a few persons in the wedding ceremony.

Packaged Menus:

This is interesting to serve parcels to everyone in wedding event. Make sure that catering service provides sanitized food and drink packages. The Deliveroo is very keen in this matter. It ensures that delivery staffs follow strict sanitation practices. They wear facemasks, hand gloves and deliver the food parcels in a sanitized container. Would you like hiring their service? Get deliveroo coupon code and search it from Try these impressive reception menu tips. Choose the most favorable practices in order to guarantee the safety of your guests.

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