Compliance Officer Strategies for the Changing Text Archiving and Call Monitoring Landscape

Compliance as a function and company culture have become more complex in the past few years, driven by changing employee behavior and shifting technological advancements. But this also comes with the need to address misconduct for using various mobile communication tools for illegal activities. As a result, compliance officers are wearing new hats to enforce tighter call monitoring and archiving rules to mitigate risks to communication compliance effectively.

Vague Compliance Objectives Due to Changing Regulations

One of the issues of concern for communication compliance professionals worldwide is the rapid rise of new laws and regulations that have changed existing systems and practices to monitor and record text messages and calls.

One example of these changes is the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, which is legislation that requires companies inside and outside the European Union processing EU citizens’ data to get the consent of the users before processing it. Another example of these changing regulations is the amended MiFID II call recording rules that require companies to capture mobile calls in the highest quality possible.

These new regulations challenge compliance officers as they present nuanced challenges in present technological capabilities. It also muddles the current chain of command as it overlaps privacy and archiving mandates.

Managing Cultural Risks

There are also challenges within organizations that communication compliance officers currently face. The contemporary workforce in organizations comprises people with various generations and ethnic backgrounds, which has led to cross-cultural problems that can affect the efficiency of business-related communication.

One example of cultural risks compliance officers address is the shifting preference of younger workers from conventional email to texting. Some of the influences of this shift involve the changes in the formality of the language used by employees and the complexity of understanding the context of a single text message.

Communication compliance officers must address these risks and shift regulations with necessary policies that establish acceptable use of mobile devices and other channels in the workplace. Investing in the proper text archiving and call monitoring solutions is crucial to monitor this mobile content in real time.