Complete Village Based Story on aha

In today’s world, we love to binge-watch movies and web series. The old-fashioned trend of watching movies on TV is far gone. Even with Covid on top, we are not able to go to cinema halls. So, online binge-watching is our only way out for entertainment. One very new OTT platform is Aha which has the latest Telugu movies online. This platform has different content to offer its viewers. These contents are funny, filled with thrill and romance. One exceptional genre is comedy, in which Aha has a lot to offer. A comedy film is a class of film wherein the primary highlight is on humour. These movies make the crowd have a great laugh through delight. Aha has a lot of authentic stories based on a simplified village-based story. Mail is one of those movies which is worth watching.

Mail is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language movie of the comedy genre. Debutant UdayGurrala has directed the movie. Also, Priyanka Dutt is the producer who produced the film through the Swapna Cinema creation organization. The film features Priyadarshi and debutants HarshithMalgireddy, Mani Aegurla, and GouriPriya Reddy as the main characters. Set in 2005 in the village of Kambalapally in Telangana, the film is the 1st part of the KambalapallyKathalu series. The film debuted on 12 January in Aha. Entranced by the universe of PCs and the web, an honest 18-year-old Ravi feels thrilled when a villager Hybath opens a gaming place. Ravi, who couldn’t select himself in any PG course for computers, asks Hybath to show him how to work a PC. Ravi gets cash from Shivanna, a neighbourhood cash loan dealer, to support his costs.

Hybath makes an email account for Ravi. In the meantime, Ravi likes his schoolmate Roja and the other way around. He gives her his email ID so that she could reach him. He checks his email for her answer every day. At some point, Ravi gets a false email of a lottery worth ₹ two crores. Before long, an email spreads out a series of occasions with life-changing encounters for him.

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