Alexander Sparks’ Moissanite Rings Collection: Why One Should Consider Buying?

Do you have any plans to propose to your girlfriend and to make her feel so special? Let it begin by congratulating you for one of the most special events of life that is just about to come! Making the decision to propose is a life-changing event that you and your soon-to-be fiancee will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Proposing, on the other hand, can be unpleasant and nerve-wracking moreover, from the best Moissanite Rings Collection. There’s a lot to be considered, such as where you will take her, what you will be saying, and how you will pop the big question. However, the most significant factor is to be considered and that is the ring you will be selecting.

While diamonds have nearly monopolised the engagement ring market, they aren’t the only option. Did you know that Moissanite Rings Collection is also available? Moissanite, a diamond replacement, may have acquired a poor name, but it actually has a lot of beneficial sites over diamonds.

Do you wish to know more? Continue reading to learn few major reasons, that why you should get your special someone a moissanite engagement ring from the best Moissanite Rings Collection!

  • It Shines Brighter Than Diamonds

However, the cost isn’t the only advantage. Many moissanite reviews state that they shine brighter than diamonds, which has been proven to be true.

But first, let’s discuss what makes a ring shine. The brightness of a stone refers to how brilliantly it reflects white light. It will dazzle more if it can reflect more light. So, on the brightness refractive scale, who wins: moissanite or diamond?

Diamonds have a hardness of 2.42, whereas moissanite has a hardness of 2.65. While this may not appear to be a significant difference, you’ll notice it when her ring gleams in even the darkest rooms.

  • You will have the same number of design options

Choosing all of the proper elements is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll face when selecting the right engagement ring. You will have a lot of options to pick from, including shape, set, and metal.

While all of your options may seem daunting at first, it’s critical to select the ideal ring to complement your soon-to-be fiancee. That’s why we think it is a good thing that if you buy moissanite, you’ll have just as many possibilities.

Moissanite, like diamonds, can be cut into any form you want, including round, princess, and cushion. You can even customise the moissanite setting and band metal to guarantee that your special someone has a ring that genuinely reflects her individuality.

  • It will help you save money

Any major purchase we make in our life, including engagement rings, is influenced by price.

An engagement ring costs more than $6,000 on average. However, because diamonds are considerably more common than we realise, many people assume they are pricey.

So, why do they cost so much? Diamonds became the symbol of love and a must-have when asking for a woman’s hand in marriage, owing to some clever advertising from a diamond firm.

However, you may get a moissanite engagement ring for a much less money. A 1-carat diamond will set you back roughly five thousand dollars, while a moissanite ring of the same size will set you back around one thousand dollars.

This is great not just for individuals who can’t afford a diamond, but also for those who want to save up for a wedding, honeymoon, or a new home. After all, the four thousand and three hundred dollars you would save if you bought moissanite instead of diamonds can go a long way.

  • It Has the Appearance of a Diamond

While there are some atypical brides who choose coloured stones, the majority of folks prefer the traditional diamond.

Cubic zirconia, for example, is a poor substitute for diamond. Over time, the stone may likely scratch, chip, or cloud, leaving the ring wearer with a sad-looking ring. It will be clear that it is not a diamond because diamonds are exceedingly durable and their brightness or sparkle factor is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Moissanite rings, on the other hand, do not have this issue. They are long-lasting and come with a lifetime brilliance guarantee, so you can be assured that they will not become damaged or foggy.

It also looks more like a diamond than some of the other options. Many moissanite reviews claim that no one can tell their ring isn’t made of real diamonds.

  • It is indeed Long-Lasting Enough

Diamonds are extremely durable, which is one of the major advantages of purchasing a diamond engagement ring. Engagement rings will unavoidably take a beating over time due to normal wear and tear. Diamonds are tough enough to endure this kind of abuse and are unlikely to chip or scratch.

Moissanite has the same quality as sapphire. They are slightly less hard than diamonds on the hardness scale, but they have been shown to survive the same amount of wear and tear.

When you acquire from the best Moissanite Rings Collection, you can be assured that it will remain as clear and unblemished for the rest of your life as it was the day you got it.

Moissanite vs. Diamond: Why Moissanite is better?

Diamonds may come to mind immediately when you will think of the engagement rings. That does not, however, have to be your only option. Due to the extreme cost of diamonds, people are looking for a substitute and many of them have already opted for a diamond substitute and that is Moissanite.

Moissanite, on the other hand, has been proven to be the best diamond substitute. Even, some believe that, it is better than a real diamond. It is less expensive and more dazzling than a diamond. It is also looks like a diamond and long-lasting as well and has all of the same set, cut, and metal options. This is why; moissanite is an excellent choice for an engagement ring instead of diamond.

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