The 101 Guide To The Best Memorial Ideas For Loved Ones

The sadness of losing a person you love is incomparable. Sometimes the sorrow is enough to break you from inside, and the guilt of not being with them depresses you.

In such harsh times, even the slightest possibility of planning something for the remembrance of your loved one can go a very long way in feeling better. So whether throwing a memorial service or building custom memorials in Paramus, NJ, you can plan whichever feels right and would make your loved one feel remembered.

Through this article, you will know some of the best memorial ideas you can implement in the borough of Paramus. Read on to learn more.

Conduct a memorial service

One of the simplest ways to call everyone together and remember your loved one is through a memorial service. This is a common practice in almost all areas of New Jersey and other states in the USA. You can also go for a memorial in place of a funeral.

Now, you should first plan a date and time for the memorial along with a brief idea regarding the number of guests. After that, contact a good catering service and try to include foods that the deceased loved.

Moreover, the whole motive of a memorial service is not to grieve but to celebrate the person’s life no more. So try to keep the vibe similarly with lively conversation, jokes to engage everyone, and a toast to the beautiful human being who is not with you in Paramus anymore.


Memorials are an essential part of burying someone. Nowadays, you can go for custom memorials in Paramus, NJ!

Whether you go for the Vander Plaat Memorial Home or the George Washington Memorial park, having a personalized memorial will always be special. These memorials can have some inside joke, quote, or even a statement that reminds everyone of the soul departed.

Heirloom portrait

There is another superb way to remember your loved one, and they are returning to stores like never before. Readily accessible photos might not have the charm you wish to associate with the departed soul, and portraits are much more beautiful.

In Paramus, you will find many talented artists that will capture your loved one’s personality and the love you share for them in a picture. This will be way more memorable than a single photograph!

You can also treat this portrait as your cherished family heirloom and pay a big-time tribute to your person, starting from the living room.

Memorial comic book

These days, there is no limit to what you can do to celebrate the life of your loved one! Many people also opt for memorial comic books with short stories, color art, and drawings about the person’s life.

You can also find services in Paramus which provide you the ease to have a handmade and properly customized comic book! Plus, you can even share this piece of wonder with their stories, notes, and photos with people at the memorial service.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s a wrap on the best ways to remember your loved one! While the pain would be immense, even the most minor efforts can make you feel better and give the love back to them. Including other people who have shared memories with them is an even better way to grieve yet celebrate their life.