Getting a driver’s license is a milestone for many individuals in their lives. Everyone wants to enjoy the luxury and the liberty to roam around freely in their vehicle. But to secure your driving license you need to pass a driving test. No matter where ever you live, driving is a skill that can take you to exquisite places. However, it is sometimes difficult to get a driver’s license for various reasons. This Dubai driving license guide will help you overcome all difficulties by helping you to identify all the processes, procedures, and tips that are involved in securing a driving license.

Who can get a driving license in Dubai?

The minimum age to secure a driving license in Dubai is 18 years and above. Individuals aged 18 to 21 are qualified for a probationary license, for which a driving license application should be submitted to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The authorized driving schools in Dubai take care of that for you. Based on your application, the RTA issues a temporary license, which is important for you to carry at the time of your training.

What is the procedure to get your driving license in Dubai?

Consider your eligibility for your Dubai license: To start obtaining a driver’s license in Dubai, the citizens and residents must be legally and medically fit. Also, there are some age requirements for every vehicle class such as car license Dubai, motorcycle license Dubai, etc. which include:

  • The individual must be 17 years old to secure a motorcycle license dubai.
  • He/ she should be 18 years and above for cars and other light vehicles.
  • The individual needs to be at least 20 years old for heavy vehicles.
  • They should be 21 years of age to obtain a driving license in case of buses.

You need to open a traffic file: After passing the legal, medical, and age requirements, you are required to prepare all the necessary documents for the driving test. The essential documents for opening a traffic file are enlisted as follows: –

  • A copy of the passport and residence visa page
  • An Emirates ID card (Original and copy)
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • An eye test report
  • NOC (No objection certificate) from your sponsor

Put your driving skills to the test: To ensure that your driving skills are top-notch, you might have to join the city’s best driving schools. These schools provide help in everything related to driving. They teach the learners about road safety laws, preventive measures that are to be kept in mind while riding, and much more. They assist in preparing the individuals for the practical tests as well as theory tests.

Book a driver’s license test: The time to book to get ready for the test day is here. Before booking for your driving license test, you need to submit your eye test results, Emirates ID, and the booking fee. Go to the RTA website to apply online. You can also use the Dubai Drive smart or RTA app to book the driver’s license test.

Undergo the driving test: To secure your Dubai driving license, you need to pass all of the tests mentioned below: –

  • Take the RTA theory test to test your theoretical knowledge and understanding of the different traffic situations.
  • Next, take the parking test, which remains important partof the driving school. You are tested for slope, angle, garage, and parallel parking.
  • Lastly, take the road assessment test that will issue your driver’s license. The validity for the Dubai driving license is two years.

To conclude, this guide is an immersive summary of how one can obtain their driving license in Dubai. A driving license is one of the key aspects of an individual’s life as securing it allows a person to drive their vehicle without any restrictions and take them to exquisite places. You can easily take up a few driving lessons in some of the great driving schools in Dubai which offer impeccable driving services at affordable prices, with good driving instructors. The training varies according to the type of vehicle you want to learn.