Public Cloud: Benefits to Get

When it comes to cloud computing, public cloud is the most popular. The hardware of public cloud is shared by a few companies. The infrastructure cost gets distributed among the users in this multitenant environment. This is especially beneficial for small and medium businesses because of the cost effectiveness. Applications and websites with unpredictable traffic can enjoy the benefits of public cloud in a great way.

No maintenance

The establishment using public cloud need not take responsibility of security and infrastructure upgrades. The maintenance of networks, software and hardware is solely the responsibility of cloud provider like . Public cloud helps businesses to reduce overall cost significantly as the infrastructure can run with minimal number of IT staff.

No need to enter long-term partnership

Medium and small businesses usually don’t get an idea about real requirement this makes such businesses unwilling to enter long term contracts and investments. Public cloud does not require any long term commitment and is easy for small businesses.

Staff budget

Professional IT engineers are expensive and require half of whole computing costs. Public cloud on the other hand requires investment for the cloud services only. Extremely easy management helps companies to manage with less number of IT professionals. It also paves the way to place their skillful IT professionals in other sections to ensure more growth and profit.

Cost effectiveness

Small businesses are the one which run on comparatively tight budget. Such businesses need to utilize their resources properly to get more out of it. They cannot afford the luxury of investing in high budget hosting services. Public cloud is easier to deal with as the pricing structure is extremely flexible. Most of the providers allow business to pay by hours. This helps small businesses to control their cost and pay only for the infrastructure.

Thomas Salazar
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