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How To Recruit Top Performing Real Estate Agents

To run a successful business, you must retain the top staff. Hiring top talent for realtors and teams is thus a prerequisite for long-term growth in the real estate sector.

Companies may struggle to keep production high and please clients without these top producers and their substantial professional knowledge. Therefore real estate recruiting is critical.

The most outstanding brokers dedicate their time to developing a healthy pipeline, closing deals, and maintaining a strong network of satisfied clients. This dedication is likely why top-tier agents earn more than four times the average. Furthermore, effective agents offer expertise and broad experience to ensure seamless transactions, beneficial recommendations, and patron requirements. The following are five key incentives you can give to your prospective agents to enhance your recruitment process and attract the best talent. 

  1. Provide a simple transaction process and competitive technological support: Simple and sophisticated tools are preferred by top agents because they are easier to learn, utilize, and maintain. Top real estate agents want to close the deal as quickly as possible, regardless of whether they use agent transaction management software, intranet systems, CRM, form tools, or anything else. 

Realtors choose a strategy that enables them to start their dealings quickly. It is also crucial to offer top-notch technology and software solutions that can adapt to various workflows and boost agent efficiency. While some realtors prefer association or government resources, others prefer methods for obtaining signatures and processing papers. In order to attract the right talent for your real estate firm, you need to offer your potential agents the technological facilities that make their work easier.

  1. Give insightful production reports: Each top realtor has their distinctive approach, but they all do one thing similarly: they consistently and insightfully produce essential data. Agents can quickly evaluate their products and concentrate on deals where important papers are missing or need attention. Not having to drive to the office or wasting time with outside support teams reassures new realtors.
  2. Access to the real-time financial statements: Brokers aren’t the only ones scrambling to be ready for tax season at the end of the year. Agents are under the same deadline pressure and demand timely access to financial data. Consider distributing an automatic monthly financial report that includes annual, monthly, and quarterly data on total and net commission revenues.
  3. Give incentives and support for achieving sales targets: Offering additional incentive commission programs is an excellent strategy to recruit top agents. For instance, depending on the lead source, certain brokers provide various splits. Another strategy is for the agent to receive 100% of the total commission or to set a commission maximum that is exempt from their charge, regardless of whether they are offering a split or flat rate. 

Real estate agents or teams seek out rewarding processes. There is fierce competition, and many other well-known agents have extensive backgrounds. Create a positive environment with many prizes and compliments for each accomplishment. Not only that, there should not be any harshness in correction or for failing to achieve the target. Offering positive feedback and constructive criticism tends to add to a professional’s motivation to work and make the workflow better.

  1. Offer learning opportunities: Top agents frequently have high aspirations and constantly look to future prospects. Many want to establish their brokerage firm or team rather than be agents for the rest of their careers. In order to recruit agents who stick with your company for the long term, it is important to offer them enough opportunities to learn and grow in the real estate industry. 



It takes deliberate strategic planning to attract the top realtors, just as it does to draw clients and close sales. With the aid of an effective strategy during your real estate recruiting process, this is possible. Tiers, plans, and commission shares alone are not everything. Opportunities for professional growth, flexibility, and agility are increasingly motivating factors for high-performance agents to seek to work with you. Equipping them with the latest technology will benefit you and your team in the long run. 


Thomas Salazar
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