The principle of cooling off the air by evaporation still remains the same from way back till now, the same principle is applied to a swamp cooler. It was said how there was a great need for air conditioning in the days of the ancient Egyptians and how they simply achieve that by using the same principle of cooling off the air by hanging wet blankets across the doors of their houses or should in case they belong to the royalty clan that is privileged to have servants, their servants get to fan them across jugs of water, we took you this far back so as to make you see that the principle of cooling off the air has been an ancient technique of ensuring the ease of heat or hotness of the weather, it didn’t just start and the principle has not changed over the years, it has only be modernized and improved on.

If you’ve tried to use the wind to dry your hand by simply holding wet hands up in the air, you have actually done what is said to be evaporative cooling which is the same way swamp cooler works. This is also the same thing that happens when you cool off your body after a period of swimming.  A swamp cooler works in a way that helps to cool the air in your home or workspace with about four main steps, a swamp cooler begins the cooling process by being filled with water, as soon as the dial of the swamp cooler is turned on the water supply valve start to take water into the base of the swamp cooler, as soon as the water reaches a certain level, it signals the supply valve to turn off, then the pump gets to work by bringing the water from the base of the swamp cooler up into the pads, then the swamp cooler takes warm air through the wet pads and cools it, and blows it throughout the space of the home. 

Once the evaporative pads have water on them, the blower motor begins to pull the warm air into the swamp cooler, through the pads, and the moisture helps to cool the air and also cleans the air. This is the whole process is known as evaporative cooling. This process simply works the same way you do energetic work and sweat, and soon you get a fan to blow on you and it cools you off.