Situations Where The Air Conditioner Could Catch Fire

First of all, it is essential to highlight that this appliance, like the refrigerator and microwave, consumes a lot of electricity. But it is not always the fault of the equipment alone. The leading causes of fires occur in the electrical supply destined for the device. Therefore, the equipment must have an electrical system protected by a circuit breaker dedicated only to it, in addition to the connections between the network (wire) and the equipment (terminals) having good quality electrical terminals.

Fires usually happen through short circuits arising from errors during electrical installation or when sizing cables and other components of the electrical infrastructure. An aircon expert trained to handle this equipment must follow recommendations.

If the installation both for residential and commercial services has been carried out according to the technical standards of the product, and if the maintenance is up to date, the chance of it causing an accident is nil.

On the other hand, new technologies have contributed to reducing fires. In addition to ensuring protection for the air conditioner itself, there is mechanical and electrical protection. Remembering that innovation does not exclude the need for maintenance.

How Solar Incidence Influence Operation Of Air Conditioner

Solar incidence can influence the operation of the air conditioning. Did you know that sunlight can interfere with the functioning of the air conditioning? That’s precisely why, before buying a device for your home, you need to analyze the installation environment, correctly calculate the BTUs, among other things. Therefore, consider the number of people in the house and whether the place receives sunlight. Also, assess the period in which this occurs.

The greater the solar incidence in the environment, the longer the air conditioner will cool down, generating more energy consumption. If this happens in your home, the best thing is to close curtains and blinds. This will make your device “effort” less to ensure the cooling of the environment, consequently using less energy.

Use At Dawn

Devices with a timer function can help to save electricity. Air conditioning can be a lifeline for hot summer nights. Leaving the device on overnight can cause increased energy consumption. Nowadays, some air conditioning appliances have an automatic shut-off function (also known as a timer). Use this feature at dawn so as not to exaggerate your energy expenditure and contact an expert technician for repairs.

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