5 Foods With Higher Potassium Content Than a Banana

Potassium is a vital mineral that helps your body maintain normal blood pressure. It also helps to promote muscle function and supports a healthy nerve. There’s a daily recommended intake of potassium to keep you healthy. However, some people don’t get enough potassium from their diets and usually turn to bananas. This fruit is famous for its high potassium content, but they’re not the only heroes with this nutrient. What if you could enjoy delicacies like the potatoes au gratin and still get your daily potassium intake? Below are five foods that offer you more potassium than a banana.


Avocadoes are one of the popular fruits, and it is for good reasons. This avocado fruit is rich in good fats and offers you folate and Vitamin K. Half of an avocado provides 487mg of potassium. It means that when you consume one entire avocado, you’ll get 20% of your daily recommended intake. That’s not all the benefits that avocados offer. They can also help you with regulating your blood pressure. It also works to decrease sodium intake in the body.


Just like avocadoes, potatoes are another great source of potassium when you need it. Potato is a starchy root vegetable that offers you 515mg of potassium. Many studies reveal that potatoes are the best source of potassium for the body. When you make a baked potato dish like the potatoes au gratin, it offers you up to 738mg of potassium you need. However, it is notable that there are different potato types and the potassium level usually depends on the variety and soil gown.


Although not as delicious as the potatoes au gratin, spinach is also rich in nutrients. A cup of frozen spinach will offer you up to 540mg of potassium. That’s not all the nutrients this vegetable provides you; it is also rich in vitamin A, K, and folate. You should, however, note that raw spinach offers you more potassium than frozen spinach of the same amount.


This fruit is quite delicious and famous for its high water content. However, that’s not all this fruit is good for; it offers a high potassium content when you consume it. Two wedges of watermelon will provide you with 640mg of potassium. It is also rich in fiber and protein and is therefore beneficial to your health.

White Beans

Another top source of potassium offering you more potassium than a banana is the white beans. A single cup of white beans offers twice as much potassium as a single banana could ever provide. A cup of white beans contains 829mg of potassium. It also provides other nutrients like fiber, vitamin b, iron, and plant-based protein.

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