Nothing beats the thrill of watching live sports in a venue packed with screaming fans. The following list covers five major sports events that must be seen in a lifetime.


So this year’s World Cup may be over, but fear not… There’s more! Football (soccer) is by far the world’s most popular sport. Every four years, one lucky nation gets the amazing opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup, the ultimate competition in football. National teams spend several years playing qualifying rounds in order to make a highly anticipated appearance at the World Cup, which is hosted at a different country each time. 32 of the world’s best national football teams compete for history and prestige across various venues in the host country. Fans get the chance to travel through an entire country while enjoying three weeks of world class football. Fans are allowed to display their national pride while cheering on the players from their home country.


As one of the four grand slam events, the Australian Open is a very important tournament in professional tennis. Hundreds of the world’s best male and female tennis players compete for this title as well as some serious prize money. There are singles, doubles, mixed doubles and junior events. Trips to Australian tennis open are made by tourists from all over Australia and the entire pacific region. Melbourne Park in the city of Melbourne welcomes well over half a million tennis fans each year during the two weeks that the Australian Open is held in January. While watching the smaller side courts, spectators can get up close to some rising stars in the game of tennis. There is also the chance to sit in several iconic tennis stadiums like Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena.


The National Football League playoff season comes to a climax with the Superbowl. This championship game has made its way into American pop culture. The halftime shows and advertisements are topics of discussion beyond the realm of professional football. Each year, there is a sense of excitement as the Superbowl is held at a different venue in the United States. The unknown factors about the conditions in early February add to the challenge and thrill of this important NFL game.


The world’s highest level of professional basketball comes to an exciting finish with the NBA finals. Two of North America’s best teams face off against each other in a best of seven game series. The drama of this sports event grows with each game throughout the course of roughly two weeks. Each team also plays several home games, something that adds an interesting dynamic to the competition. The NBA Finals have traditionally defined some of the league’s legends. This is where superstars are born and make a name for themselves.


The Olympics are arguably the world’s greatest sporting events. There are Summer and Winter Olympic games that offer competitions in dozens of different sports. There is nothing better than watching athletes competing for their country. The collective battle for medal counts is something that motivates nations to compete at the Olympic Games. Additionally, the opening and closing ceremonies are enormous spectacles that leave a lifelong impression on fans. The host nation of an Olympic event prepares for years to accommodate the enormous amount of athletes, media and fans from all over the world. This is the only sporting event in which the world comes together and puts aside differences regarding politics and economics.
The world’s best sports events often bring together the greatest athletes on the planet. Sports fans can travel the globe to experience incredible action packed competition.

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