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Palestine Travel Videos

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What did Palestine look like in 1896?

If you’ve ever travelled to Israel and Palestine, this would have gone through your head at some point. And with this incredible archive footage from YouTube, you have answers! In 1896, 85% of the population in Palestine was Muslim, 10% Christian and less than 5% Jewish (half the population of Jerusalem, however, was Jewish – this was also the period during the first aliyah).…

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Why is London so miserable?

Why is London so miserable? This is one from Informed Explorer’s very own Benjamin Zand, for the BBC.

How do you make London happy?

It is the least satisfied and most anxious place in the whole of the UK.…

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Is Dongguan really China’s sex capital?

Here’s a video I made for the BBC about internet users in China taking to social media to write positive things about the city of Dongguan after state media exposed widespread prostitution there.…

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Places to see: Graffiti Tunnel, London

If you’re heading to London, are a fan of street art and want to see amazingly talented artists in action – ‘Graffiti Tunnel’ is for you. Also known as ‘Bansky’ Tunnel and officially called Leake Street, it is a road near Waterloo in London that is about 300 metres long, and sits under the platforms and tracks of Waterloo station.…

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Ryanair boss defends company’s controversial practices

Ever travelled with Ryanair? Then you’ll definitely have an opinion on their services. Have a watch of Ryanair chief executive officer Michael O’Leary speaking on BBC’s Newsnight about getting cheap publicity, being misunderstood and his macho culture.…

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World Beard and Moustache Championships

Hundreds of contestants have gathered for the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Germany.

Entrants were competing for the best facial hair in a range of categories in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

Organiser Juergen Burkhardt said the turnout was better than expected…

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Is it possible to not be a racist?

The next in our Exploration Conversation series. ‘Is it possible to not be a racist?’ Benjamin Zand (@BenjaminZand) and Mohamed A Mohamed (@MoMoTheXplorer) from Informed Explorer (@InformedXplorer) discuss racism, what it is, and whether in a world full of contrastingly different people, it is possible to not hold preconceptions, characterise and prejudge each other.…

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VIDEO: Places to see: Brixton, London

Going to London? Want to see some fascinating places? Of course you do!

Why not go and explore Brixton?

Take a look at this travel video with Informed Explorer’s Hannah Jackson.…

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A Christmassy Edinburgh

Need some inspiration to visit the beautiful city of Edinburgh? Of course not!

We decided to make a short (belated) video anyway of the beautiful city at Christmas, to give you a taste of some of the things it has to offer:

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A trip through the Maasai Mara National Reserve

Male Lion I have been a big fan of wildlife photography for a long time. Photographer Martin Dunn does an amazing job capturing the animals in their natural setting, and offers some great tips if you're looking to do the same. With over 30 years of experience taking pictures of the…


Things to see in Costa Brava in 2014

Spain as a whole is a very popular destination for holiday goers. But as there are simply so many places to choose from, here's a suggestion: Costa Brava. It’s filled to the brim with beautiful scenic places, and it has its fair share of fantastically interesting attractions. Read below to…


Thailand’s prostitute problem

Women hold up signs indicating their weight, age and any skills they have. Madams keep a watchful eye from the doorway of the club, while between ten and twenty young women, all identically dressed in tight tank-top, mini-skirt and high heels, chat by the side of the road, occasionally rising…


Jerusalem through the eyes of a non-believer

Jerusalem is an amazing place. Upon entering the towering walls of the old city and stumbling upon arguably the most historic, culturally significant and important land on this earth - you are awe struck. This place shaped man/woman, no doubt. Photo by Benjamin Zand © Such incredible religious…



A trip through the Maasai Mara National…

Male Lion I have been a big fan of wildlife photography for a long time. Photographer…

5 things no one tells you about…

1. YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING OUT THERE - You see all that expensive equipment and gear…

One day in: Venice (INFOGRAPHIC)

Where to go if you have one day in Venice. See the best of the…

It's time to visit Palestine

So, I've just returned from a fascinating trip to Israel and Palestine - honestly one…

One day in: Ho Chi Minh City

Top class food to trendy nightclubs and beautiful scenery - Ho Chi Minh City has…

Exploring Tenerife's wild side

Tenerife is filled with an endless amount of things to see - from Europe’s biggest…

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Gear and Globe Trotting: Safari Photography

Photographing wildlife has been the most challenging and heartbreaking exercise I’ve ever undertaken in all of my traveling. Truth be…

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Destinations in the US

BLOWING ROCK, NORTH CAROLINA Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Moses Cone Manor and Memorial Park is paradise for horse lovers.…

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